• What makes Sophia unique?

    The aim has been to make Sophia the very best software solution for breeders, associations, trainers, drivers, owners and pedigree researchers and experts as well as trotting enthusiasts. The name "Sophia" comes from the Greek word for wisdom as the primary purpose behind the program is to increase the knowledge of everything related to pedigrees.

    The program is in itself very to use. Since it contains so many possibilities in terms of searching, analyses and information that can be a bit challenging and overwhelming, we have made every effort to make sure the user interface is easy to use and understand, and we have also put a lot of time into writing a good manual and also making instructional videos on Youtube where you can see and hear how to do something on the screen.

    We have ideas on how to make Sophia an even better in the future and will work continuously to improve Sophia.

    Below you find the highlights of our pedigree analyses software.

    - More than a million horses in the database going back to the 1600s on standardbreds and early 1800s on Coldblood trotters
    - Career data. We have agreements with several associations and are talking to several more
    - Pedigree statistics on inbreeding, generation intervals and x-factors (*)
    - Race results from major races
    - Results from yearling auctions

    - Available in many languages including English, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish
    - Display earnings in many currencies
    - Display race times in desired format (kilometer, mile) and desired punctuation (1.15.2, 1:15.2, 1'15"2)

    - Easy to use interface
    - Multiple windows allows multiple horses open
    - Context menus
    - All lists sortable
    - All lists can be exported to Excel

    - Sire statistics for country and year
    - Damsire statistics for country and year
    - Maternal family analysis
    - Benchmarks (a benchmark shows average earnings, starting percentages and earning distributions for horses with specific gender born in a certain country and year)
    - Linebreeding combinations

    - Sire analysis
    - Damsire analysis
    - Broodmare analysis (which shows what stallions similar broodmares have produced well with)
    - Damline analysis (show all horses originating from a certain broodmare on the damline)
    - Sireline overview

    - each horse with pedigree and data on siblings and maternal family
    - key statistics for each horse
    - enter comments into catalogue
    - print out catalogue in one of several formats, simplifying your auction experience
    - catalogues easily downloadable for supported auctions

    - Stallion list containing advertised fees, countries available, type (fresh, frozen) and contact information
    - All stallions are linked to homepage and e-mail address of farm/agent when available (one click to go to homepage or send e-mail)

    - Produces a list of possible matches given one of several matching theories

    - Test matings with statistics on similar pedigree combinations

    - Search on many different criteria such as name, year of birth, country, pedigree patterns, parents, inbreeding, career data, x-factors (*) etc.

    - Any group of horses can be analysed on income, generation intervals, sire and damsire statistics, origins, inbreeding and many other options

    - Comprehensive manual written in clear and easy to understand language, with many practical examples
    - Short Youtube clips (in several languages) explaining different aspects of the program
    - Support by mail, answers mail same day

    * X-factors are controversial. Sophia is theory independent and provides information but you have to decide how to interpret these data.