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Pedigree software

Want to go deeper than just looking at pedigrees? Try our pedigree software where you can analyse virtually anything, get statistics and information on more than a million horses.

The program also contains a stallion directory, access to auction catalogues, sire and damsire analyses and statistics, sireline and maternal family analysis and can also identify suggested stallions based on price, location and breeding theory plus more

The program is currently available for Windows and a Mac version is coming soon.

Articles on breeding

For articles on breeding and breeding theories, please visit our other site www.sophiastallions.com

A different way to manage a stallion

The current practice for new stallions seems to be to set a price, advertise heavily, create a social media presence and then hope for the best. Whether the stallion fits the broodmares or not does not matter as long as tbe broodmare owners are willing to pay. Is it ideal?

Southwind Frank - foreshadowing a new Golden Cross

The cross Muscle Hill x Cantab Hall is up to now hardly tested but the results are striking.

Famous horses

Sebastian K - Veni Vidi Vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. The question was if an 8 year old European could compete the best North Americans, but as it turned out, the question should rather have been if the best North Americans could compete with this 8 year old European.

Action Skoatter - The trotting world first took notice of Action Skoatter during the 1988 Elitlopp. However, even though the roan filly had dominated in the Netherlands and had also won a few times in Germany, she was not a known quantity outside of that area.

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We also provide pedigree consulting (particularly yearling and broodmare analysis) and research on trotters (standardbreds, trotteur francais (TF) and coldblood trotters). We furthermore create catalogues for auctions and provide statistical and analytical services and research to national associations.

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